I love painting commissions. Why? Because I learn so much from them. It takes me away from the norm, the safe zone and makes me paint things that I wouldn’t normally paint. So I am taking a risk. Risk taking allows me to learn new skills, techniques and styles. I get to see things in different ways: To observe beautiful scenery, pets and animals. I get to experiment how to create texture, form, shape….the light reflecting, the blade of grass, the curly hair and much more…

I know when I have finished a piece. My gut tells me and I listen to that a lot. Then I have to reveal it to my customer. Sometimes I reveal the piece via a photograph close to finishing the piece and sometimes I wait. It depends what my customer wants really. Nevertheless I am a worrier. I am always eager to please and want my customer to be really happy with the composition I produce. However what my customer visualises and what I visualise can be very different. I feel so much pride and have an overwhelming feeling when my customer is happy with the final piece. That boosts a lot of self esteem in me, but the biggest kick I get out of it is that my work will make people smile (or cry with happiness) and will be treasured and appreciated on a wall in a home.

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