Art Tutoring

With an art and teaching background, I am so privileged to be teaching lots of fantastic children and adults. My aim is for my clients to be confident, take risks, experiment, learn art techniques and enjoy creativity.

Here are some lovely testimonials that make me do what I love with passion, pride and for fun!

“Fabulous art exhibition of both your and the children’s work. You have an amazing talent and you should be super proud of all your achievements. Well done. Exceptional work.”

“We are extremely impressed and please with your lessons and this fantastic exhibition. I hope this ‘Beautiful Beginnings’ is the beginning of something beautiful for you.”

“Fabulous exhibition. Very talented children, but obviously by a very talented teacher. Well done Nicki.”

“An excellent showing of artwork. Showcasing children’s work, alongside Nicki’s work. [My child] loves the art sessions with Nicki. Not does it just provide artwork, but her increase in confidence and self esteem is clear to see.”

“The standard of work was exceptional!! The smiles on the children’s faces full of pride was absolutely priceless.”

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My Thoughts

If I can inspire one person to gain self-confidence, develop a positive mindset or to follow their calling as an artist (or anything that they love doing), I will be a very happy lady.

I watch and listen to those who come work in my studio. I have all sort of personalities but what interests me is their mindset. Some look and sometimes say they absolutely scared to put paint to the paper. They are so scared of getting it wrong.

Art is unique and that’s the first thing people have to get into their heads. Creativity is imaginative. No two people can paint the same. That is what is so special about art. Children and sometimes adults get so worked up about their painting not looking exactly like the image they are copying from. Why? And then they abruptly say “I can’t do this!” “Yours is better than mine!” “I can’t draw!” They are telling themselves negative thoughts so quickly. It pains me so much. What a way of bullying yourself! Stop telling yourself you are naff at art!

Art is huge and there is so much scope for it: Drawing, painting, textiles, ceramics, graphics, abstract, mixed media…shall I go on?! Find what inspires you. Find what you enjoy and give it a go. Yes things will go wrong. Yes you may walk out the room in frustration. But preserver. Every painting I do, I go through a stage staying this doesn’t look right, but I persist. The detail goes on and then I can see the painting evolve.

People do not realise how many skills art gains. Art is not a bad mans cop out when selecting
subjects. Art can give you so much: Self confidence, resilience, determination, creativity, observational skills, mathematical skills, positivity, critical thinking, literacy skills, scientific understanding of how media and materials combine and work together, inspiration, emotion….oh I can go on and on!

So, if you’re in the Worcestershire area and fancy a lesson contact me.