What a month!

Wow! What a month March has been!

First of all, I have an art exhibition at the Evesham Arts Centre. This is my first exhibition, running from 3rd March to 28th April. Four months of hard work, painting my own compositions and trying to teaching lots of wonderful childrens, has been so worth it (this is on top of my two teaching jobs and family life).  31 children have been involved in the exhibition, each painting one piece of a subject that inspires them: flowers, seascapes, animals, holidays, dinosaurs, unicorns, houses to name a selection.

On the 9th March, I launched the exhibition, inviting my friends and family and all the children and their families. It was a massive turnout, which I was completely overwhelmed by. I will never forget the children’s faces of happiness and pride, seeing their artwork on the wall with their own little label. I was really chuffed to have sold ‘Sedentary.’ A little happy dance!

SOLD ‘Sedentary,’ acrylic on canvas, 40cm x 40cm, September 2018

I have been lucky enough to be featured in two local newspapers; the Evesham Journal and the Evesham Observer. The Evesham Observer did a cracking write up, which I was very pleased with.

Each day, I showcased the children’s work on my Facebook Page, Nicki Reg – Artists and Art Tutor. The emotions, comments and shares were fantastic and I hope that the parents and carers showed/told their children about how amazing and talented they are.

To ensure the safety of the children and adults that I teach, I am now a qualified in Emergency First Aid at Work and Emergency Paediatric First Aid.  See my blog about the company Cotswold First Aid.

I have organised my first adult workshop being held at The Potted Pantry in Blackminster. I had 6 spaces, which sold out within a few days. I added another two places, one of which is sold. There is only one space left.

A couple of week ago, I was approached by Pier Road Coffee and Art, in Littlehampton, to do an exhibition. In September this year, I will be exhibiting a range of my artwork. Last week, I sent a few samples of my cards and prints. One of prints sold within a few days of arriving at the shop.  I did another little happy dance when I heard….as all artists and crafters do when they make a sale!

Last week, I teamed up with Jackson’s Art Supplies to supply you with those essential art materials you need to get creative.

This UK company, is where I get my art supplies from. They stock a huge range of high quality products, sourced from around the globe, big brand or small, chosen for their unique or specialist qualities. They are constantly checking the competition to ensure that their customers always get the best price. Delivery is quick, to anywhere in the World and if you need any help or advice there are artists at hand who are happy to be of assistance. From experience, the customer service is fantastic.

So…if you want some art supplies and are new to Jackson’s Art Supplies, click on this link or on my image, become a new Jackson’s customer and you will receive a 10% discount on your first order. Happy days!!

But I couldn’t have done what I have done this month without you. I want to say a massive thank you to the children and adults I teach, the word of month of advertising and all the comments, likes and shares on social media.

I hope you had a lovely month too.

Training: Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid at Work and Emergency Paediatric First Aid

(Click on the image for their website)

On Saturday 16th March 2019, I attended a First Aid course ran by Cotswold First Aid. The tutor was outstanding. He has in-depth knowledge about injuries and was very professional. Plus he made the whole day, which can be quite heavy, very enjoyable.

I am now trained in Emergency First Aid at Work and Emergency Paediatric First Aid for three years. These are essential not just in the workforce but for general day to day living. You never know when you might need it.

I would highly recommend this company for training and events. It’s by far the best first aid training I’ve had.

Beautiful Beginnings : Artist Generation

Beautiful Beginnings : Artist Generation

Art Exhibition at the Evesham Arts Centre

3rd March – 28th April 2019

“Nicki Reg is inspired by travelling and exploring. Using acrylic paints, she creates realistic, bright and colourful paintings of places, nature and animals. Her primary teaching background has enabled her to teach local children to promote self-esteem, so they haven’t got the fear that they ‘can’t draw.’ Nicki allows them to paint subjects that they’re interested in, whilst teaching them the fundamental skills of art. The exhibition will showcase Nicki’s art and her student’s paintings.”

This is my first art exhibition. I was so excited when my application was successful, but I had to move it earlier on in the year then I requested. That meant I had four months to get my own work done and as many children into my studio to paint a composition. This was alongside my regular clients, two commissions, two teaching jobs and family life.

I look back now, for most weeks I had been working seven day weeks, just to try and get everyone in. Thirty one children were involved in the exhibition. No wonder I felt shattered…but I haven’t come off the treadmill yet. That’s difficult once you’re on it.

The 3rd March came and it was a weird feeling that the day had finally arrived. It took nearly three hours to install the artwork of eight pieces of my work and thirty one paintings from the children I teach in the local area. Why that long? It’s called ‘getting it perfect’ and a frustrated but patient husband unscrewing and relocating paintings as it wasn’t ‘just right.’

The 9th March was my launch night. I invited my friends and family, and all the parents, carers and their families with their children who were involved. I was nervous, but excited for the children.

As the families and the children arrived, I was so overwhelmed by the confidence and the glow of happiness as they saw their artwork professional displayed with a special label. That’s what I wanted to see. That was my intention all along. I want to create positivity and confidence with the children I have the privilege to teach.

To make the evening even more positive, my contact at the Arts Centre, said he’d never seen an exhibition launch so busy! This followed on from the bar man commented that, he’d didn’t think it would be that busy! I was humbled to hear those comments.

To top the evening off, I sold a painting. My first red dot on a label! For an artist, that was a great feeling.

To gain an insight into the thoughts of the families, I had feedback forms that they filled in. These have been giving me lots of answers that I have been asking myself recently. But I have to say the positivity from the comments were amazing and very touching:

“Amazing turn out with some fantastic paintings”

“Fabulous art exhibition of both yours and the children’s work. You have an amazing talent and you should be super proud of all your achievements. Well done. Exceptional work.”

“We are extremely impressed and pleased with your lessons and this fantastic exhibition. I hope this ‘Beautiful Beginnings’ is the beginning of something beautiful for you.”

“Fabulous exhibition. Very talented children, but obviously taught by a very talented teacher. Well done Nicki!”

“An excellent showing of artwork. Showcasing children’s work, alongside Nicki’s work. Child loves the art sessions with Nicki. Not does it just provide artwork, but her increase in confidence and self esteem is clear to see.”

If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet and you’re in the area, it’s on until 28th April. Please remember it’s only open when events are on, so check out the Arts Centre website to see the event dates.